Not a Bad Start

Already I have several followers for this little site . . . I consider that a good start!

I’m a tad worried that now these followers are going to demand content that I just can’t provide, but I temper that fear with the knowledge that I used to have over 80 followers and have over 5 years worth of entries in that old blog (see earlier post if you want that link . . . I’m not going to continue to link to it).


SHOOT! Well I just said I wouldn’t like to it and now I’m going to reference (and link to) it again!

One of my followers is named “Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha.” I look forward to knowing much more about that name, but I’m not stranger to Sci-Fi. Favorite book is like many others, the Forever War (see my reviews here) and my favorite Sci-Fi author is Vernor Vinge (see here), even though I wasn’t impressed with his latest. Wool comes in with a close third place. Loved Wool (here).

Used to be that whenever I had trouble getting into books I would drift over to Sci-Fi. Maybe it’s time I did that again. I loved the Foundation series by Asimov, perhaps I should re-read that. Maybe I should try one of his several other books I have yet to read. Like going back to read an Agatha Christie when trying to get into Mysteries, or reading Charles Dickens or Frederick Forsyth, maybe I should drift back over to Asimov for a bit.

Thanks for the inspiration “Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha” whoever you are.


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