Inspiration Hits in the Strangest Places

Don’t you just love inspiration strikes and epiphanies?


This one came to me in the shower. Lately I’ve been having trouble trying to figure out how to incorporate little Anthony into the story I’m weaving in my new novel, Sunset Perfect (see more here). Right now I have him as a partner for the main character. Kinda a Cagney to his Lacey. Today in the shower it hit me that he shouldn’t be a partner, he should be a suspect.

There is a mystery, a secondary mystery, but a mystery nonetheless that revolves around Anthony throughout the whole book. Just like in my third novel, Vapor Trail, this secondary mystery is really the more profound mystery, it’s just not as well published throughout the book. It hit me today while washing the arm-pitties, that I should make Anthony’s mystery that same type of mystery, and make him a red herring for the primary mystery.

There always are things that kinda get me stuck when I’m writing. Setting, tone, characters, plot. It’s the process of working all these things out that is so frustrating. I find the writing goes much smoother when these aspects are all worked out.

What’s nice about this is that I used Stephen King’s method of always  thinking about the problem until BOOM it finally hits ya. I liked it. I’m glad it came and even more glad I’m writing it down here so I can remember!


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