Sunset Perfect Ch 4

So, this may be too graphic for younger readers. Just a word of warning. But it starts some of the conflict in the novel so it’s important.

She was drunk. Grant could taste the gin on her breath. It was sweet and light and there was a hint of lime there as well. The problem was that he could also taste the smoke from her cigarette. He didn’t normally like smokers, but she seemed to smoke as if to say “fuck you” to the world, and he did like that.

She hadn’t been easy to get away from her friends. He had waited till the end of the night. The other’s had gone home. Usually they stayed to watch him till the end of the night, but tonight he wanted to get laid, and to do that he knew he would have to drink slowly. So when he saw them watching him, he could tell when they were counting his drinks, he had slowed way down, started nursing the beers, until they realized he wasn’t going to get drunk and they left him alone.

Even then they had wanted to stay. They had wanted to leave as a group, Harris, McIntyre, and the new kid, Ross. He allowed himself to be lead away from the bar, but while Harris boarded the number 15 bus going uptown, and Ross and McIntyre went down the stairs to the 135th Street Subway but instead of walking down toward Maidson I went up toward Amsterdam.

They weren’t bad guys, but it got old to Grant. He liked hanging out with them, they were all similar, but it was always the same stories, always the same jokes. It got old. Besides, he wanted a good fuck tonight. He was tired of porn on his computer and a quick release before bed. He didn’t want to drive to fucking New Jersey either where he knew he could get a quick fuck. The girl would do fine, despite the gin.

He met them at a seedy bar on Broadway. At first her friends hadn’t wanted her to go with Grant, but Grant knew he had the type of charm that would eventually win her over. He knew when to smile and play coy and when it was time for fun. Fun happened in the dark, behind locked doors, when she was least expecting it, not out in the open when she was with her friends.

When they stopped at her place he held the door for her and waited for her to invite him up. She may have said, “come on up for a drink” but Grant could tell by the look in her eyes that she wanted it as badly as he did. As they walked up to her apartment he watched her move, taking in the sway of her hips, the bulge of her calves as she took each step, the swell of her ass and let himself get hard as he watched.

As soon as the door closed he was on her, kissing her, nothing too rough, just holding her pinned against the wall as he kissed her, stripping off the clothes and popping a few buttons.

“Hey, I have to pay for that,” she said when the buttons flew.

He shut her up with another kiss and by pulling off her pants for her.

“Let’s slow down a bit, what do you say?”

He felt her grow tense under his grip so he backed off just a bit, letting her think it was all okay for a little longer. More kissing and he gently nudged her head down toward his cock so she could give him a blow. It was the least she could do for him. Fuck, he’d spent almost a hundred fifty dollars on drinks for her and her friends not to mention the cab ride home. A blow would be a nice start.

He leaned back against the door as she went down on him and he used his hands to guide her head. She wasn’t great, kinda workmanlike if he had to admit it. He looked down at her once. She looked up at him with those big, fucking, doe eyes and he just kind of made her get back to work instead of letting that become a moment.

“How’s that?” she asked in her husky voice that ruined the mood that Grant was trying to achieve.

“Keep going.”

“I kinda liked when we were kissing,” she said as she stood up.

“No,” Grant said. He put his hands on her shoulders and tried to push her back down so she would finish. He had already decided a blow would the best he could get from her and he was determined to finish at least that.

“Hey,” her voice rose. “I don’t think this is . . . ”

In a smooth move that he had done a million times in other situations, Grant swept his right leg behind her left calf and shoved her shoulders back. The girl fell back onto the floor and before she could recover Grant was on top of her.

“Get the fuck off me,” she yelled. Grant planted his hand on top of her mouth and muffled any other cries.

“You should have just finished you stupid cunt.” Grant felt tears on his hand that covered his mouth and it made him smile.

He ripped off her panties with his other hand and with his hand still on her mouth forced her on her stomach. He was inside her ass quickly, fucking her harshly. She screamed against his hand, but he kept at it. Once or twice he looked down at her ass, watched it bounce and yield as his hips pumped, and it made him more excited.

When he was done he got up and pulled up his pants. She stayed on the floor. She whimpered a bit and that only pissed Grant off. How come the ones he thought would be the most fun turned out to the be the most timid. It’s always the big talkers who turn into the worst fighters. Hell, this gal had barely even tussled, he thought.

The door wouldn’t open since she was in the way, so Grant just shoved her legs out of the way and pushed the door harder. He closed it after him and left the building quickly. As he made his way to the subway he realized how unsatisfying the whole damn thing had been. Not a fighter, her tits were too big, not a great mouth. The only thing he’d like had been her ass. She probably had never even felt a cock in her ass before. On balance, Grant thought, he probably would have enjoyed going home and watching porn on the computer more.


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